Got BIG Plans for 2018? 
Turn Them Into Reality & Make It Your Best Year Yet.
INTRODUCING: An exclusive community of achievers, goal-setters, entrepreneurs & Creatives.

Drive, grit, and self-belief get you moving, but big successes don’t happen in isolation. 

We’re better together and that’s why we’ve launched the Inner Circle. 

It’s the missing piece of the success jigsaw designed to help you step up, unlock your potential, and craft your Best Year Yet. 
Join The BestSelf Inner Circle And Get All This!
Perk #1:  Access to the private, Inner Circle community
Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and big thinkers - all working to build a life they're proud of. 

As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Just imagine what you could achieve inside a community of inspired people who all think big.

Perk #2: Live Q&As with Cathryn & Allen 

We'll host monthly Q&As exclusively for Inner Circle members so you can get answers to the questions most relevant to you.

Ask us questions directly, or submit questions ahead of time! And if you can't make it live, don't worry. Inner Circle members get unlimited access to all recordings so you can jump back in later. 
Perk #3: Exclusive resources & webinars from high-achievers
We’re grateful for the incredible network of successful writers, entrepreneurs, and amazing individuals living incredible lives. And we’ve got them lined up to share their insights with you. 

No matter your goal, you'll find someone to learn from. Thanks to exclusive guest training, you’ll get access to the knowledge, insights, and tools you need to build a life you're proud of. 
Perk #4: Premium training, guides & tools
Knowledge is potential - it doesn’t change your life unless you do something with it. But information overload can bog you down and grind implementation to a halt. 

That's why members get in-depth training, step-by-step guides, and specific tools designed to make it easy to implement the insights we share in Inner Circle, our products, and on our blog. 

Perk #5: 10% Discount in the BestSelf store
We want you to feel empowered to transform all the knowledge and insights you gain from Inner Circle into action and tangible outcomes.

That means having the tools to build a roadmap and execute on your plan of action. As a member, you'll get 10% off our ENTIRE store so you can do just that.

Perk #6: Hear from Cathryn & Allen directly
We’re learning all the time - whether it's from reading books, attending conferences, or one-on-one sessions with high achievers. And we’re going to distill this down for you - so you benefit too. 

Inner Circle members will learn all our newest lessons and insights directly from us through our videos, blog posts, and in-depth articles. It’s the ultimate shortcut to your ‘proud life’. 
You're about to have your best year yet.
Do you want to break through your glass ceiling, hit life-changing goals, and transform your freedom, finances, and future?
Do you want to feel happy, successful, and fulfilled in all areas of your life?

Do you want to finish 2018 on a massive high - excited that all the achievements you’ve crushed have combined to make it your best year yet? 
We’re here to tell you that the success you crave (and deserve) is yours for the taking.
You can achieve more than you ever thought possible – even if you have no idea how to do it right now.
We know this because success is a habit, which you can master.
We’re Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer - founders of Best Self.Co.

In just 2 years, we’ve built Best Self into an 8-figure business (from scratch), won Shopify’s Build a Business competition (twice), and had the privilege of being mentored by some of our business heroes including Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, and Daymond John. 

Not because we're special, but because we set big goals and followed the process for inevitable success.
We implemented & stayed the course to achieve the things we wanted. AND YOU CAN DO THE SAME. 
You’re already using the SELF Journal to implement the formula for inevitable success. But have you found there are days when you need more than a tool to keep moving?

We did too... 

When you hit a roadblock or lack the knowledge, inspiration, or support to hit your targets, you can still fall short of your potential. (Even if you do have a SELF Journal in your hands!)
And that’s why we’re launching the Inner Circle.

So you don’t have to work towards your goals alone. 
Built around a community and grounded in the principles of productivity, performance, and positivity, we believe it’s the perfect combination of tools, support, and knowledge to help you become your best self.
So if you’re ready to reach your goals quicker and faster and create the life, success, and happiness you want, simply click the button below to get started.

“As a result of Cathryn’s help, my campaign exceeded the $68,000 target. Earlier this year we topped $100,000 in Kickstarter sales – selling around 1,000 units. I’m so grateful because it’s given birth to my new business.
When you’re around people (like Cathryn), who’ve done what you want to achieve, their greatness rubs off on you.” 
Elizabeth Granados
Little Nomad Play Mats
Why join the Inner Circle?
#1: Surround yourself with awesome people
If you want success, you’ll get further when you’re not alone. 
It can get be lonely when you’re hustling towards big goals. But with the BestSelf Inner Circle, you’ll feel a sense of belonging in a community of driven, highly motivated, like-minded people – all committed to becoming their best self.
So surround yourself with people who get it. Benefit from power networking and learning opportunities. Ride on the wave of your peers’ success. Find a place where you fit and use the vibe to drive you and your goals forward.
#2: The SELF Journal in common
In this membership, EVERYONE is committed to the SELF Journal. So you don’t have to waste time figuring out a daily structure that works. Instead, you’ve got a proven one to build on.
But there’s an even bigger advantage.
In most online communities, members use a variety of systems. But not in here:
  •  Everyone is working in the same way and moving in the same direction
  •  We’re all using the same success language
  •  We’re all committed to the same daily disciplines, structures, and 13-week Roadmap
Imagine the impact this sense of understanding and support could have on your progress. It’s the best way to leverage the power of the SELF Journal for your life.

And bigger picture, we’ll all be working with the 10 Steps Framework. It’s a powerful combination that we’re confident will make your Inner Circle investment a no-brainer. 
#3: Focus on implementation
Ideas can spark a new direction, but nothing happens without implementation.
That’s why the Inner Circle is going to focus on getting things done. We want to empower you to take action. That’s why your exclusive content will focus on how to use the knowledge you’ll gain. 
So instead of drifting and jumping from one idea to the next (and never achieving anything), we’ll keep you focused on your current targets.
It cuts frustration and keeps the needle moving in the right direction – to help make your success inevitable.
#4: Trusted expertise that empowers you to get more done
Few people have such in-depth knowledge about what it takes to be successful.
As well as studying top achievers, we’ve personally tested countless strategies and techniques – to discover what works. We’ve been mentored by people like Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferriss, and Daymond John and we’ve won awards for our marketing innovations and our rapid growth.

As a member of our Inner Circle, you’ll learn directly from us - as well as our guest exerts. 
It’s the ultimate shortcut. You don’t need to waste time figuring it out for yourself.
Instead, take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Learn from our mistakes, and avoid the pitfalls that held us back.
It could save you years in wasted time and disappointments.   

Immerse yourself with support that can make success inevitable
You want what’s on the other side of the sacrifices, grind, and focus.
You want what your dreams and goals represent to you.

You’re ready to live a life that you can be proud of. 
So give yourself the best chance of succeeding by cutting the risk that you’ll fall short of your potential.

Are you in?
Who is the Inner Circle for?
Membership of the Inner Circle is for anyone serious about achieving their goals, becoming their best self, and creating a life they feel proud of. You’ll be a SELF Journal user too! 
Regardless of where you are on your journey, you’ll fit right in if you want:

  •  To set and achieve the goals that will change your life - and craft your best year yet
  •  The very best results from your SELF Journal
  •  Guidance and ideas from us and our guest experts
  •  Practical ideas you can implement with the help of exclusive training, step-by-step workbooks, worksheets, and webinars
  •  To raise your game, smash through your glass ceiling, and unlock your potential
  •  To work faster, smarter, and more efficiently
  •  To benefit from the very best tips on productivity, performance, and positivity – because you recognize they’re the keys to success
  •  To be motivated to structure your day for optimum success – consistently
  •  To see your goals through and achieve something greater than you currently have
  •  Support from like-minded people who inspire you with their progress, thinking, and achievements
So invest in yourself today and join like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and action-takers – all moving in the same direction as you.
Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to become your BEST SELF?

“Being around someone like Allen adds fuel to the fire.
I launched my company at the same time Allen and Cathryn’s Kickstarter campaign for the SELF Journal was ending. After seeing the limits they broke for themselves, I set a goal to hit $15,000/month in recurring revenue within 90 days of my product launch... When others would speak about how difficult that would be for a product in my niche, Allen was one of the few that encouraged me to keep pushing and never lose sight of what I wanted, no matter how big the target was.
Watching Allen do and achieve what he does pushes my boundaries and encourages me to set challenging goals and rock them without hesitation…. I think the world can learn so much from Allen.”
Raj Jana
JavaPresse Coffee Company
Commit To A Year & Get 3 Months Free 
Inner Circle is launching at the introductory price of $47 a month. 

We know! Considering all the membership benefits, it’s a no-brainer price for anyone committed to becoming their best self. 

But for early adopters, we’ve got an even better deal for you! 

Join for a year and we’ll give you three months free. It’s our way of acknowledging your commitment to the group and to yourself. 

Invest just $423 and you’ll get 12 months membership of Inner Circle for the price of nine (making your equivalent monthly subscription just $35/month)

Even better, you’ll lock in that low annual subscription for as long as you remain a member of Inner Circle. That’s right, no future price increases will apply to you! 

And if you want a flavor of the exclusive content before making up your mind, here’s an overview of what’s coming up in the next 3 months:

January:  Crafting Your Best Year Yet
This 10 Step training exclusively for Inner Circle members will guide you through a comprehensive framework that will setup your year for maximum success and accomplishment. Make 2018 yours! 

PLUS - exclusive training from Allen on how to 10X your goals. 
February: Positivity (Your Fuel For Success)
February can be a glum time for most people. The excitement of starting a new year has died down but it’s still a long road ahead to achieving all the goals you set for yourself this year. 

But not for Inner Circle members! You’ll learn how to fuel your life with positivity & gratitude. Not just so you can stay focus on your goals while others are dropping their New Year’s Resolutions, but also so you can reap the true riches of your successes.  
March: Building Your Network
Over the years, we’ve seen much of our success come from the massive network of entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, and just awesome people that we’ve built up. As they say, no one can succeed alone. 

The people you’re surrounded by have a HUGE impact in your life. We’ll guide you - step-by-step - to build a network that inspires and supports you to be your best. 
Want to...
  • Lock in a low subscription price for life?
  •  Become a committed, founding member of a group that will help you succeed?
  •  Learn directly from Allen & Cathryn?
  •  Inspire your year with stacks of exclusive training us and from sought-after experts?
  •  Make 2018 your best year yet?
Then invest in Annual Membership of Inner Circle today. 

At just $423 USD for the entire year, this could be the smartest investment you make in your 2018 goals. But hurry! This low, annual price won't last forever.
Learn More About Your Exclusive Member Perks
Perk #1: Access to the private, Inner Circle community
Life can be lonely when you’re on a path of improvement – and if your environment isn’t conducive to success, it gets harder to achieve your goals.
That’s why the Inner Circle includes a private membership community.
As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Imagine who you could become when the right people surround you.
Focused on productivity, performance (and creating your best year ever) you’ll be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and big thinkers who have similar drive and motivation to you:
  • Be part of a community that gets you
  •  Feel a sense of relief that you have a support system to help
  •  Ask questions, post your wins, and discuss ideas
  •  Get feedback from us, guest experts, and your peers
  •  Feel inspired to crack on, implement, and get the right stuff done
  •  Get tips, strategies, and insights from people further ahead than you
  •  Feel supported to work through your struggles and challenges
Perk #2: Live Q&As with Cathryn & Allen
The SELF Journal was born from our study of success. We wanted to discover the tools, methodologies, and techniques that make success inevitable – so we could become our best selves and live a life that makes us proud.
We discovered the more we learned about productivity, performance, and positivity, the more successful we became.
It’s why we continue to invest heavily in training, seminars, and self-education.
In fact, we do more now than we did when we were developing the journal! We’ve spent one-to-one time with people like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo, and Daymond John.
And we’re going to distill the key insights and share this knowledge with you – inside the members’ area…
Each month we’ll answer your questions on anything related to productivity, performance, and positivity – to help you achieve your goals faster.
And if you can’t make the live training don’t worry, you’ll get access to all the recordings to watch (or rewatch) at your leisure. Imagine… a single nugget from a webinar could pay for an entire month’s membership.
Perk #3: Exclusive resources & webinars from high-achievers
Our journey with Best Self has allowed us to meet awesome, inspiring people from all walks of life. From business legends, to peak performers, to thought leaders, our network is packed with people who can inspire you to be your best self.

As a member of Inner Circle, you’ll have access to exclusive training with people who have stories and insights that can rock your world. And don’t worry if you can’t make it live… all the recordings will be available in the members’ area.    
Perk #4: Premium training, guides & tools
It sounds obvious, but Your Best Year Yet is a whole year in the making! 

It’s easy to feel optimistic and hopeful when you set out your intentions - but then it gets real! You have to turn on the hustle, turn off the bullsh*t, and complete the daily actions needed to move the needle. 

So to ensure you stick to your plans, stay on track, and make timely progress, we’ll keep you inspired with strategies, methodologies, and insights that will help you achieve your goals. 

This isn’t a knowledge dump! 

Instead, we’ll deliver information in a way that makes it easy for you to take action and implement. Ideas are just potential until you use them. So expect PDF guides, step-by-step workbooks, and easy-to-follow videos - all delivered in bite-sized chunks so you can avoid overwhelm and take action on the things that will change your life.  
Perk #5: 10% Discount in the BestSelf store
As an Inner Circle member, you’ll never pay full price in our store again! 
And with more meaningful products coming soon, this is a valuable benefit if you’re committed to achieving your goals and becoming your best self.

What’s more, you’ll be among the first to hear about new products before they launch. 
Perk #6: Hear from Cathryn & Allen directly
We’re learning all the time - whether it's from reading books, attending conferences, or one-on-one sessions with high achievers. And we’re going to distill this down for you - so you benefit too. 

Inner Circle members will learn all our newest lessons and insights directly from us through our videos, blog posts, and in-depth articles. It’s the ultimate shortcut to your ‘proud life’. 

We'll also be dropping into the Inner Circle community to answer questions & share any great resources we find along on journey!
If you want different, you must do different.
You know you have stacks of potential. You’re certain you can achieve bigger goals. You’re determined to make your life the best it can possibly be - for you and your family. 

So make a firm commitment now. 

Do something different than you’ve done before - it’s the easiest way to create change. 

Join like-minded people who will inspire each other to become their best self
Equip yourself with the knowledge, support and training that will help you succeed
Decide that Inner Circle is the platform you’ll use to live a life you can be proud of. 

We can’t wait to see you on the other side :-) 
Are you ready to be part of Inner Circle?

Per month billed annually or $47 USD billed month-to-month.
  • Access to the Inner Circle community
  • Live group Q&As with Cathryn & Allen
  • Access to all exclusive Inner Circle content & resources
  • 10% discount in the BestSelf Co. store
Get these two bonus offers when you join Inner Circle:
Annual Tools Add-On:

Exclusive, one-time offer at sign-up. (Save $24)
  • 2018 Wall Calendar 
    (valued at $24.99)
  • Weekly Action Pad
    (valued at $19.99)
  • Limited Edition SELF Journal Boxset
    (valued at $127.96)
SELF Mastery Add-On:

Exclusive, one-time offer at sign-up. (Save $98)
  • Lifetime Access to SELF Mastery Academy
    (valued at $397)
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